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Down the Rabbit Hole with Lynn Nottage

Undine: No one seems troubled by the actual charges against me. No, the crime isn’t being a criminal, it’s being broke. It’s apparently against the law to be a poor black woman in New York City.

In Conversation

Trusting in Theatre with JON FOSSE

Jon Fosse is Norway’s pre-eminent playwright. Regularly seen across Europe, his theatrical writing is considered to be some of the finest to be found on the Western stage.

The Neo-Futurists Land in Brooklyn

I was 16 and living with my 90-year-old Grampa in the Rogers Park area of Chicago, and my weekend curfew was set at midnight. Just to keep my nose extra clean, I’d come home at about 10; pretend to turn in when he did at about 10:30; and then sneak out our creaking basement door to hook back up with my friends by 11, giving us just enough time to hit one of our favorite late-night hangs, the Neo-Futurarium, by 11:30.

Review: Gimme Shelter

If you walk up Second Avenue from Houston, making your way to the New York Theatre Workshop in the East Village, most likely you’ll see them.

Don Quixote: Suffering Fools Wisely

"He is either mad, or he is reading Don Quixote." —Philip III of Spain, on seeing a student bang himself on the head while laughing hysterically over a book.


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