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The Holger Czukay Academy of Spontaneous Music

Holger Czukay ended his recent concert at the Knitting Factory with a very unexpected cover: the Chinese Cultural Revolution anthem "The East Is Red."

Review: Dallam-Dougou’s New Destiny (Jumbie Records)

In 2003, Raul Rothblatt, a Brooklyn-based composer active in musical theater, Hungarian folk, and world music, made a pilgrimage to see the Sosso Bala, an eight-hundred-year-old xylophone that once belonged to Sundiata, the greatest emperor in West African history.

No Golden Throat: Lizzy Mercier Descloux (1956–2004)

Bands like 8-Eyed Spy, Mars, Theoretical Girls, and the Contortions conjure a New York filmed in Super-8: grainy, gritty, smudged, raw, exuberant, naive.

Zeb: Alien with Extraordinary Abilities

Zeb leans into his makeshift musical cockpit, body taut, muttering to himself, while his right hand guides the mouse and his left works a large synthesizer.


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