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Letter to a Third Grader

The following document is part and parcel of Mayor Bloomberg’s high-profile war on “social promotion,” which, regardless of the problems of large class size or wide discrepancies in public school funding, would measure third-graders solely by their standardized test scores

Envisioning the Gowanus

As jobs go, bridge-keeper on the upper Gowanus Canal is a quiet one. There’s little commercial traffic this far up the canal, so most of the day Lenny Thomas sits in the second story of the Union Street bridgehouse and works on recipes for a cookbook he’s writing.

Housing vs. the RNC: A Question of Priorities

What’s in a number? These days, plenty.

Prospect Heights: Ratner’s Secret Deals Won’t Stop the Fight

The still comfortably New Jersey Nets lost Game 7 of the NBA Eastern Conference Semifinals to the Detroit Pistons. Over the last month or so, this has been one of the few pieces of news relating to the Atlantic Yards, the proposed block-busting mega-development that would include the Nets’ new home, that hasn’t been subject to some sort of gag order or secrecy agreement.

The Price of Ratner's Hoopla: Brooklyn Stadium a Money Loser

The much-anticipated report on the financial feasibility of the proposed Atlantic Yards project was released on May 1, 2004, and the message was not only stark, but considering the fact that the study was commissioned by Ratner & Co., rather startling.


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