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The Last Arab

Nasser was the first and last post-colonial leader of the Middle East to put the Arab nation back on the map as a concept, if not as a fact. He evoked the concept of a greater, unified Arab nation—tied by language, history, and, most importantly, religion—from the Atlantic to the Gulf, an idea that ran counter to the West’s agenda of maintaining a fractured and individualized Middle East.

In Conversation

Inside Al Jazeera: Samir Khader

When Al Jazeera’s Senior Producer Samir Khader was recently in town for the theatrical release of Control Room, we met him at the Roosevelt Hotel. Born and raised in Baghdad but now living in Jordan, Khader seems right out of the world of American film noir— he’s like a Bogart character who has recognized a moral imperative and struggles with his fear of self and the world.

In Conversation

Life in the O.T.: Anat Biletzki

Recently, Eyal Danieli, a Brooklyn-based artist, spoke to Anat Biletzki, who teaches philosophy at Tel Aviv University and is Chairperson of the board of B’Tselem, a human rights organization in the occupied territories. The interview took place at the Rail’s office in Greenpoint.

What Makes News, News

Lynne Cheney, wife of (vice) President Dick Cheney, came to the University of Maryland this past February 29 expecting a free hour on C-Span to plug her budding career as an author of children’s books at an event billed, oddly, as a "Policy Watch."


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