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Excerpt from Fast and Loose, an ethical collaboration

The question: If you discover an awful secret, should you tell?

Pap and Secrets: Now That's What I Call a Storm

Boots and Nanette appear to be your typical Midwestern couple, staving off the doldrums of winter by constantly shoveling the snow out of the driveway while planning their next beefsteak and spaghetti dinner.

Back to the Source: Great Jones’s Seven at La MaMa

The heady days of radical experimentation that gave birth to the Off-Off-Broadway scene, when the East Village was a magnet for a counter-culture that still had a sense of revolutionary verve, haunt our performance spaces—a challenge to those of us too young to have been there, a bittersweet memory to those who were.

In Dialogue

in dialogue: Fast and Loose, with Ethics

If you discover an awful secret, should you tell? Should we base our ethical decisions on principles, or only on consequences? Must we really take the interests of others into consideration? Are there intrinsically right and wrong acts?


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