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"The President is Not a 'Moron'..."

White House Senior Adviser Karl Rove calls Vice President Dick Cheney to talk about the campaign."Dick." "Yes, Rover." "We’ve got a problem, Dick." "Which one, Rover?"

What Your Boss Is Really Watching For

The AFL-CIO estimates that 50,000 people a year are illegally fired for attempting to organize unions. The role electronic surveillance plays in this can only be guessed at. But here are a few illustrative examples.

The Original Faith-based Initiative

Presently terms such as “prophetic” and “faith-based” are so tossed around and used and abused by both the Left and the Right that they have become meaningless.

Developing Venezuela’s Beauty "Industry"

Even at the airport, the women in Venezuela always look put together. From the passport and customs officials in fitted crisp shirts to the bathroom attendants in thigh-high uniforms and French manicures, the women take great pride in their appearance.

The Cannibals of Empire: Indian-Hating in a Hollywood "Classic"

As a small tribe on the Canadian border that most European-Americans had forgotten or would have preferred to forget by the 1940s, the Abenakis were never the first choice of dime novelists or Hollywood producers looking for “Injuns” to populate their reactionary fables.


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