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Arcadia and Metropolis: Masterworks of German Expressionism from the Nationalgalerie Berlin Neue Galerie

"May you live in interesting times," goes the ancient Chinese curse. Arcadia to Metropolis seems a provocative artistic response to what were interesting times, indeed.

Paradise Now?

Embracing irony and cliché in the title itself, Paradise Now? presents fifteen artists from the Pacific Islands who use postmodern devices to interrogate notions of a “Pacific” identity in a culturally and geographically diverse region.

Catherine Opie: Surfers

Catherine Opie shows Surfers at Gorney Bravin & Lee. The most remarkable thing about this exhibition is its installation.

Michael Mahalchick: insides

Mahalchick’s work fills Canada Gallery in a panoply of forms: wall pieces, free standing sculptures, leaning sculptures, and hung tapestries.

Yuh-Shioh Wong: Spirits Gone Astray

Yuh-Shioh Wong’s first solo exhibition in New York, Spirits Gone Astray is a landscape of myriad forms that eloquently displays Wong’s multifaceted and prodigious talents as a draftsman, painter, and sculptor.

Sebastiaan Bremer

Sebastiaan Bremer’s art concerns surface and association.


The challenge to orchestrating group shows is in coherence. Given a theme, how do you integrate the differing approaches of various artists to it in order to produce an exhibition with a message?

Abigail Lazkoz and Francisco Lopez

Conflict without resolution is not merely a description of the contemporary work of artists Francisco Lopez and Abigail Lazkoz, but a condition of being.

Shishaldin: Untimely Career Retrospective

Most of the projects in Shishaldin’s Untimely Career Retrospective were initiated as a quest for spirituality or transcendence within major cultural institutions.

Adam Kalkin: Suburban House Kit

Imagine that you live in a house with an origami garden, custom designed carpeting, fireplace, stainless steal kitchen, three bedrooms, two baths, and mahogany sliding doors.

June Leaf

With the exception of Henry Moore, I’ve always thought that sculptors made the best drawings. Sculptors, perhaps because of their acute spatial, tactile, and material sensibilities, always seem to insert an extra dimension into their works on paper—one often left unexplored by artists thinking solely in terms of painting.

Jake Berthot

Cézanne baseballs. Who are these for? The thought crossed my mind while handling some regulation baseballs that were imprinted with images of Cézanne’s bathers and his wife Hortense.

Glen Goldberg and Richard Van Buren

The new installation of the painter Glen Goldberg and the sculptor Richard Van Buren is so harmonious a collaboration that their distinct styles and mediums hardly seem to matter.

Jill Baroff: Second Nature

At first glance the use of technology in simple processes sets up technology as a kind of ersatz or second nature in Jill Baroff’s Second Nature.


It is easy to forget that all of the waste we generate, the accumulated debris of modern life, will one day bury us beneath its formidable mass.

Michael Scoggins

Do you remember your childhood drawings? If you’re a boy, they were probably small stick men enacting unspeakable scenes of violence. If you’re a girl, horses and princesses, I suppose.


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