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Jobs and Traffic: What Ikea Would Bring to Red Hook

As the sun sets over the peninsula of Red Hook, the streets become dark and desolate, making it hard to envision what this quiet waterfront community would look like if filled with an endless flow of motorists.

Sunday at Freddy’s: A Neighborhood Pulls Out the Stops

The protests against developer Bruce Ratner’s proposed basketball arena are getting more creative every day.

The RNC and the Melting Pot

The Kensington Welfare Rights Union (KWRU), a national non-profit group based in North Philadelphia, actually arranged a series of “reality tours” during the 2000 convention to highlight the elements of the city that the convention chose not to showcase, including the racial, as well as socioeconomic, diversity of the city.

Harlem: Where the City’s Waste Flows Upstream

Walking outside my building on a cool fall day I’m greeted by a view of the magnificent blue sky, ribbed with white clouds, but stabbed through by the cylinders of the North River Water Treatment Plant.

From the County of Kings to the County of Queens: New Skool Journalism Travels Next Door

Late last fall, the New Skool Journalistas left our beat in Brooklyn to trammel through Queens to investigate and taste the nuances of home and assimilation in the cuisine of two of the boroughs vibrant immigrant communities.


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