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From Buddha to Adam

After first reading Hanif Kureishi’s new novel The Body, I thought it to be an anomaly in a career marked by iconoclastic writing. After all, the book is a work of science fiction and at times it reads like a thriller.

In Conversation

Ben Greenman with Darin Strauss

In the hardback, there’s a story about an artist who makes copies of things like restaurant menus and phone book pages, and then alters a tiny bit of information. That was how I changed it: it’s slightly different, and at the same time entirely different.

Off the Shelves: Politics They Live

Those who believe that women and people of color are inherently progressive need only read Laura Flanders’s Bushwomento be disabused. This entertaining and enraging text lambastes female leaders whose policies adversely impact poor and working-class communities as well as stymie efforts to legislate social equity.


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