Into the Darkness


There’s no in-room cable porn at my usual hotel in Idaho’s capital, the Boise Statehouse Inn.

When History Proves Too Provocative, Insert Emotional Waterfall


With Rosenstrasse, director and screenwriter Margarethe von Trotta gives cinematic voice to a fascinating and obscure moment in the history of the Holocaust.

The Whisper of the Whistling Water: Portrait of Louise Bourgeois


To enter the home and studio space of le grand dame Louise Bourgeois is to enter Pere Jules’s dark and claustrophobic cabin, filled with a multitude of personal objects in Jean Vigo’s final masterpiece L’Atalante.

Don’t Believe the Hype


For some time now it’s been clear that something special is happening in the world of documentary filmmaking. So much so that the next great film movement, at least in the Western world, may in fact be a documentary film movement.


The Right-Wing Docs


The phenomenal success, both politically and financially, of Michael Moore’s Fahrenheit 9/11 made it only a matter of time before the well-funded right would put forth a slew of responses.


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