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Agricultural Apocalypse: Eating Our Way to Oblivion

You are in the supermarket, exhausted after another wearying day at the office (or the factory). You just want to get home and eat, and now your senses are pummeled by the brightly packaged bounty all around you. You are at once awakened and overwhelmed. What will you pick from this vast corporate garden?

The Fire Manifesto

I remember the children who were obsessed with flames—they coveted matches, lit their hair on fire, ignited apartment buildings, and destroyed forests. Humans love the incendiary. In the Midwest, there are university students who set cars on fire when their beer has run out.

Henri Lefebvre’s Youthfulness of Heart

I never met Henri Lefebvre, the French Marxist philosopher, nor saw him lecture. Some of my friends who did said he was a real knockout. Others who had contact with him recall his warm, slow, melodious voice, his boyish passions, his virility—even in old age—and the posse of young, attractive women invariably in his train.

Is there Life after Reality TV?

Speaking to the Associated Press, John Fahey, president of the National Geographic Society, recently lamented, “Someone once said that war is God’s way of teaching geography, but today, apparently war or even the threat of war cannot adequately teach geography… More American young people can tell you where an island that the ‘Survivor’ TV series came from is located than can identify Afghanistan or Iraq.


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