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Ratner Applies Full-Court Press on the Downtown Arena

In late October, Forest City Ratner mailed Brooklyn residents another of its glossy brochures intended to answer “Frequently asked questions about the Brooklyn Nets and Atlantic Yards.” Within it are the standard best-case scenarios regarding both the jobs potentially created by the project as well as its overall funding.

Agricultural Apocalypse: Eating Our Way to Oblivion

You are in the supermarket, exhausted after another wearying day at the office (or the factory). You just want to get home and eat, and now your senses are pummeled by the brightly packaged bounty all around you. You are at once awakened and overwhelmed. What will you pick from this vast corporate garden?

Art In Conversation

Bruce Conner with John Yau

"I decided it would be interesting to submit an article to ArtNews about Bruce Conner making a peanut butter sandwich, peanut butter being one of my favorite foods and main standbys during periods of economic distress. I also decided that it should be compulsively and precisely detailed."

Art In Conversation

Marsha Pels

On a crisp fall afternoon in Greenpoint where she lives and works, Marsha Pels sat down to talk about her work.

Two Biennials, Two Models:

Some will say that a biennial is a biennial, that no matter who you pick or what you choose, they are all the same.

Books In Conversation

Jonathan Ames

Well, like most writers I love to read, and so I’m a book lover. My parents were good to me, but the area where they were really generous to me was books. Everything else was secondhand: secondhand bicycle, secondhand ice skates, secondhand soccer cleats. Which is no big deal, but with books for some reason I was given carte blanche.

Hidden in Plain Sight: Garage Rock "Returns"

I was about to take a bubble bath and wanted to find something good to listen to on commercial radio. That’s right: good on commercial radio.

Editor's Message

Empire of the Senseless

I’m writing this on Wednesday morning, November 3, and, judging by the popular vote, our future looks extremely dim. Then again, perhaps this is because I’ve not yet seen the light. For those in red state America, that light clearly shines powerfully—so bright, in fact, that it has apparently caused epidemic blindness.


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