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excerpt from: The Book of Jon

It is the year of the student revolution in France. Elayne and I are in a supermarket in Santa Barbara, maybe getting some bananas, which I will later ask her to cut “like that” (waving my hand in the air in several directions), and will cry when she doesn’t understand what I still know to have meant lengthwise, and the tears are tears of frustration at not having enough language to say what I mean.

Reflection from Lisbon

Vanda drove me down the Bairro Alto, seventeenth-century homes rushing past, facades streaked in sun, steam lifting off terra-cotta roofs from the downpour last night. Leaving Lisbon. In silence.

Hot & Cold —A Very Brief History of Intimate Love

Sadie’s idea of a good time was making love to Wilbur in an igloo, on a bear skin rug.


The Brooklyn Rail

OCT 2004

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