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The Triumph of Conservatism

The neo-cons’ agenda becomes even more macabre when one considers that they predicate their views on bringing “moral clarity” to various issues, especially in regard to foreign policy. In spite of this, they feel no compunction about lying to the American public to achieve their policy goals.

Campaign Dispatches

Watching Jimmy Carter last night, all white hair and teeth in the lights, I remembered his candidacy in 1976, when Hunter S. Thompson endorsed him in Rolling Stone right before the election, guaranteeing the youth vote.

Letter from Tennessee

In Crossville, Tennessee, population about 9,000, you’re as likely to see a billboard that asks “If You Died Today, Where Would You Spend Eternity?

Long Live Indian Larry!

Indian Larry died on August 30, 2004, after an accident while performing one of his trademark motorcycle stunts.

Happy Sixty-Fifth Birthday! Now Get Back to Work

One of the most important far-left ideas floating around in the 1980s was the critique of modern wage slavery, as articulated by the Zerowork group and a host of anarchist essayists, most notably Bob Black, author of “

Exchanges: On Cornel West, and Uncle Peter

Norman Kelley’s essay “The Continuous Decline of the West” masquerades as a review of Cornel West’s most recent book, Democracy Matters. Kelley’s critical reading of a book that looks at democracy and the post-9/11 world offers some valid insight into the debates surrounding the Middle East, imperialism, and terrorism.


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