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RNC Turns the Screws on NYC

As the city gears up for the Republican invasion, and the prospects for massive protests loom, the NYC 2004 Host Committee is scrambling to get ready.

Express In Conversation

The Beast with No Name: Mark Achbar and Joel Bakan with Williams Cole

The Corporation, a film directed by Mark Achbar and Jennifer Abbott, and written by Joel Bakan, recently premiered in New York City after breaking box office records for a documentary in Canada. The Rail’s Williams Cole sat down with Mr. Achbar and Mr. Bakan (who also wrote the book The Corporation: The Pathological Pursuit of Power and Profit, published earlier this year by the Free Press).

Express In Conversation

A View from Latin America: Jorge Ramos with Hirsh Sawhney

More incisive than Dan Rather, more charming than Peter Jennings, Mexican-born Jorge Ramos is Spanish-language television’s celebrity talking head. An anchor at Univision, the fifth most-watched television network in the United States, Ramos is also a columnist and the author of several books, including The Latino Wave: How Hispanics Will Choose the Next President

Express In Conversation

An Anarchist in the Hudson Valley: Peter Lamborn Wilson with Jennifer Bleyer

It’s been nearly ten years since Peter Lamborn Wilson—née Hakim Bey—looked at the pitiably state-bound, rule-bound world around him and asked: "Are we who live in the present doomed never to experience autonomy, never to stand for one moment on a bit of land ruled only by freedom?

Art In Conversation

Christo and Jeanne-Claude with Praxis

Christo and Jeanne-Claude are one of the most well-known collaborative art teams in the world. Unlike any other artists of the present or past, they fabricate large-scale work that is at once enigmatic and simple.

Film Docs In Sight

Can Archival Footage Change the World?

Anyone who has seen the record-breaking political documentary Fahrenheit 9/11 knows that much of the rhetorical punch of the film comes from all the footage of W. & Co. that Michael Moore’s production team collected.

Theater In Dialogue

In Dialogue: A Poetics of Terror: Ken Urban

The world of Ken Urban’s plays is extraordinarily complex. It evokes the globalized world, where exotic, fearsome jungles of terrorism and ethnic cleansing coexist with banal landscapes of turnpikes, strip malls and subdivisions.

Hank Thompson’s Blues

You might not remember me, and if you did, you’d probably rather forget me. Most days, I’d rather forget myself. Problem is, I can’t.

Editor's Message

Send in the Clowns...

Like it or not, the Republicans are indeed coming to town. At first thought, exactly what achievements they will be celebrating may seem elusive, but here are my speculations.

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