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The Price of Ratner's Hoopla: Brooklyn Stadium a Money Loser

The much-anticipated report on the financial feasibility of the proposed Atlantic Yards project was released on May 1, 2004, and the message was not only stark, but considering the fact that the study was commissioned by Ratner & Co., rather startling.

Express In Conversation

Inside Al Jazeera: Samir Khader

When Al Jazeera’s Senior Producer Samir Khader was recently in town for the theatrical release of Control Room, we met him at the Roosevelt Hotel. Born and raised in Baghdad but now living in Jordan, Khader seems right out of the world of American film noir— he’s like a Bogart character who has recognized a moral imperative and struggles with his fear of self and the world.

Express In Conversation

Life in the O.T.: Anat Biletzki

Recently, Eyal Danieli, a Brooklyn-based artist, spoke to Anat Biletzki, who teaches philosophy at Tel Aviv University and is Chairperson of the board of B’Tselem, a human rights organization in the occupied territories. The interview took place at the Rail’s office in Greenpoint.

Art In Conversation

Istvan Kantor with Daniel Baird

Since moving to Canada in 1977, Hungarian-born artist Istvan Kantor has created an enormous and controversial body of work which has encompassed mail art, sculpture, installation, noise music, both individual and collective performance, and video.

Film In Conversation

Jehane Noujaim

Control Room gives us an account of the first 6 weeks of the war in Iraq from the inside of Al Jazeera, the satellite news network based in Qatar and watched by millions in the Arab world.

Matteson at Symphony Space

The Bessie-award winning choreographer Paul Matteson, together with friends—mostly fellow David Dorfman company members—offered an evening of adventurous dance at Symphony Space (May).

Theater In Dialogue

Down the Rabbit Hole with Lynn Nottage

Undine: No one seems troubled by the actual charges against me. No, the crime isn’t being a criminal, it’s being broke. It’s apparently against the law to be a poor black woman in New York City.

Theater In Conversation

Trusting in Theatre with JON FOSSE

Jon Fosse is Norway’s pre-eminent playwright. Regularly seen across Europe, his theatrical writing is considered to be some of the finest to be found on the Western stage.

Editor's Message

Summer of Fear?

This summer is in many ways shaping up as a scary one. As Attorney General Ashcroft and FBI Director Mueller recently warned, everyone and everything could be the target of a terrorist attack, which could happen at any time. Rightly skeptical as one may be of any statement coming from a Bush administration official, only a fool would deny that these are indeed dangerous days.

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