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In Conversation

Carl Hancock Rux with Lara Stapleton

Fort Greene writer-in-residence Carl Hancock Rux has been defying conventions of art and culture since the early 1990s. I first met him ten years ago, when I worked as a bartender at the Nuyorican Poets Cafe on the Lower East Side.

In Conversation

Linh Dinh with Matthew Sharpe

When I first read a story of Linh Dinh’s several years ago, I understood myself to be in the presence of an extraordinary literary voice.

Voices Not So Distant

The first book-length work by Elana Greenfield, author of several plays and Acting Director of the Arts in Context at the New School, At the Damascus Gate gathers together thirteen stories, dramaticules, and prose poems.

Paris Spleen

It’s one of those beautiful crisp winter afternoons. Paris is cast in radiant pink light and the sun is edging toward the horizon. From my perch atop the Butte Montmartre, the city of dreams looks just as romantic as ever, even as gaggles of tourists jostle me for a ringside view, even as Iraq, death and destruction, uncertainty and the Bush administration—the whole depressing bit—continue to rage.

Kareem’s Got Other Skills

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar stars as the protagonist and narrator of Imad Rahman’s debut collection of stories I Dream of Microwaves. He’s a struggling method actor who drinks bourbon like water and has a predilection for the word “dude.” When he’s not portraying ethnic criminals on America’s Most Wanted or struggling for the lead in a musical version of Apocalypse Now for dinner theater, he works in an assortment of jobs that call into question his dignity, but never his dedication or integrity as an actor.


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