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Jobs and Traffic: What Ikea Would Bring to Red Hook

As the sun sets over the peninsula of Red Hook, the streets become dark and desolate, making it hard to envision what this quiet waterfront community would look like if filled with an endless flow of motorists.

The John Kerry Story: How a War Hero Did, or Did Not, Win the 2004 Election

Senator John Kerry calls Democratic National Committee Chair Terry McCauliffe to talk about the campaign.

Art In Conversation

Ilya and Emilia Kabakov

We meet the Kabakovs on a cold February day in their installation The Empty Museum inside the Sculpture Center in Long Island City. It is a large room that looks like a classic nineteenth-century European museum gallery. The spotlights on the wall show there are no paintings being exhibited.

Lee Lozano: Drawn From Life: 1961-1971

If P.S. 1’s show of Lee Lozano’s work from 1961-1971 would have seemed crass, elitist, and in bad taste three years ago, the recent revival of Philip Guston’s late paintings spare Lozano from such a reading now. And, if Drawn From Life’s radicalism and ballsy fuck-off attitude don’t inspire similar rah rahs from the critical establishment, it has got to be at least insinuated that it is either because she did not legitimize herself enough by previously working in a "high" method associated with emphasis on technique (AbEx namely), or merely because she’s a woman.

ArtSeen In Conversation

Mary Hambleton with Ron Janowich

In anticipation of Mary Hambleton’s show Nothing By Mouth at Littlejohn Contemporary, Ron Janowich talked to the artist at her Brooklyn Studio in early February.

Jon Brion's World of Unpopular Pop

You’ve heard Jon Brion, whether you know it or not. Jon Brion, producer: Aimee Mann, Fiona Apple, Rhett Miller, Rufus Wainwright. Jon Brion, instrumentalist: Jellyfish, Elliott Smith, eels, Macy Gray, the Wallflowers, the Chemical Brothers. Jon Brion, composer:

From Buddha to Adam

After first reading Hanif Kureishi’s new novel The Body, I thought it to be an anomaly in a career marked by iconoclastic writing. After all, the book is a work of science fiction and at times it reads like a thriller.

Editor's Message

A Crisis Without Management

The numbers are shocking. According to a new study by the Community Service Society, just 52 percent of New York City’s black males between the ages of 16 and 64 were employed in 2003.


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