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Stadia Mania: The View from Prospect Heights

An arena is coming to Brooklyn. The ink is hardly dry on Bruce Ratner’s purchase of the New Jersey Nets, but the tinny media drumbeat has had the team plopping down in the county of Kings for the last couple of months.

Sunset Park’s Garment Industry: The Costs of Making it in NY

Like other manufacturers, many large clothing makers have moved their factories out of New York City, in search of cheap real estate and cheap labor.


If the dogs stop barking long enough from inside their kennels at DUMBO Pets—an all-purpose pet owner’s delight housed on the short cobblestone stretch of Washington Street in the growing Brooklyn neighborhood— the sound of a passing Q train can be heard rattling overhead along the underbelly of the Manhattan Bridge.

A Bone Marrow Crisis

Shanice Murphy was only five years old when she was diagnosed with aplastic anemia, a disease that occurs when a person’s bone marrow stops producing new blood cells. The lack of white blood cells increases susceptibility to infection and the lack of platelets means a simple bump or bruise can cause unstoppable bleeding.


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