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A 21st Century Union Campaign

At some jobs, employees are asked to give money to charities like the United Way and the Salvation Army. At Greg Butler’s job, the charity was the legal defense fund for indicted union executive Michael Forde.

My NYC Beaches

Early one morning, summers ago someone I cared deeply about and I decided to take a day trip out to Fire Island. We took the Long Island Railroad out to Sayville and then a ferry ride from there out to the island. Here we bought bread and cheese, some tomatoes, and then walked out to the beach where we remained the whole day. We swam intermittently, ate, read, and lay out together. It was a warm day and the swimming was good.

Smoky View from the Promenade

Wherein we follow the whitherings and wanderings of one Michael Wiener as he unearths the bittersweet truths and fecund chestnuts of life in the People’s Borough.


The Brooklyn Rail


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