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Leonardo da Vinci, Master Draftsman

A lot has happened since the "first" man, I was thinking while touring the Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519) exhibition of drawings now at the Metropolitan Museum. Verisimilitude, achieved by hand and eye, is much in evidence here,

Harriet Shorr

Like the classical sculptures in her realist paintings, Harriet Shorr presents an idealized version of things in her dreamy/domestic worlds.

The Park Avenue Cubists

Park Avenue Cubists and its accompanying catalogue thrust me into the world of New York haut monde of the inter-war years.

The Royal Art Lodge: Ask the Dust

The Royal Art Lodge is the faux secret society name of a Winnipeg based artists’ collective that has been meeting once a week since 1996.

From Challenge To Triumph: African American Print & Printmaking 1867–2002

Sometimes beautiful gems are found in unlikely places. You might have to break out of your routine, your rut, your groove, and visit places that are outside the "mainstream," or off your cultural "grid". If you’re lucky you have an opportunity to discover rare treasures.

Global Priority

Entering Global Priority at the Jamaica Center for Arts and Learning is like stepping into Doctor Who’s phone booth and discovering a world inside.

Peter Acheson and Mor Pipman

Like the repetitions of a fugue, variation within purity is one of the experiences provoked by looking at Peter Acheson’s paintings. No painting measures more than twelve inches, yet they have the look of field paintings

Nancy Drew

Although Nancy Drew’s newest suite of paintings at Roebling Hall, facsimiles of well known paintings by modern masters, is touted as retinal and trippy art, and an homage rather than a critique, they still appear to fill the stage with a postmodern moment.

Dan Walsh at Paula Cooper Gallery

The sensitivity to place in Dan Walsh’s muted, minimal paintings is surprisingly reminiscent of the way that Fra Angelico created murals for the private cells in the San Marco monastery.

Thomas Nozkowski’s Drawings

Thomas Nozkowski’s small survey of works on paper offers one of the rare occasions to view the work of an artist whose singular strength lies in his total submission to the austere and mysterious resonance of abstract imagery.

JIM OSMAN and SUSAN SMITH Remains of the Day

Five Myles presents Remains of the Day, an exhibition of architectural fragments in two and three dimensions, curated by Lilly Wei.


Curator Denise Carvalho organized this intriguing and well presented 11 artist group show.

Up In Arms

They’re literally up in arms at Parker’s Box. A set of economically built display cases lines the left-hand wall as you enter. They’re all full of guns. Wires run down from the ceiling to light florescent bulbs under the cases’ upper shelves. Along with the makeshift tables made of boards on sawhorses, these metal-framed cases give the space the aura of a military training camp.

Dawn Clements

Imagine being caught inside a claustrophobic soap opera in which the generic characters and superficial lines are constantly encroaching on your space. Dawn Clements provides visitors to Drawings, her latest show at Pierogi 2000, with just such an experience.

Letter from London
CONRAD SHAWCROSS The Nervous Systems

Conrad Shawcross is 25. The Nervous Systems is his first show out of art school (2001, Slade School M.F.A.) and it is at Entwistle, a very posh gallery on the poshest of streets (Cork).


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