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Dreaming in Syndication

Loving architectonics multiplying.
Familial synergists.

Non-evidentiary reproductive processes.

Filmic dispossession.

Auto mechanical fibrillation.

Episodal contingencies.

Today’s blueprint-concept.

Tomorrow’s richly paneled households.

The precarious drama of the staircase.

Law of returning incipience.

Many brothers free to choose

Between encumbering masculinities.

Lilting cult-headed children.

Silent incorrigible children looking.

Three prefabricated sisters.

Their muscular remonstrations

Involuntarily tearing at ideality.

And they knew they were much more than a bunch.


Photios Giovanis

A native of the Bronx, Photios Giovanis is a poet, drag performer, bartender and computer-geek currently living in Brooklyn.


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