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Cruelty and Conquest

I. The United States has no quarrel with the Iraqi people; they’ve suffered too long in silent captivity. Liberty for the Iraqi people is a great moral cause, and a great strategic goal. The people of Iraq deserve it; the security of

Self-criticism; Reported Missing

Self-criticism by Lewis Warsh Winter 2003 I shouted & said things I didn’t mean. I lied to people I loved. I didn’t pay taxes for 20 years. I told my mother that my problems were all her fault.

Sherman Alexie

Late summer night on the Spokane Indian Reservation. Ten Indi- ans are playing basketball on a court barely illuminated by the streetlight above them. They will play until the brown, leather ball is invisible in the dark.

Dreaming in Syndication

Loving architectonics multiplying. Familial synergists. Non-evidentiary reproductive processes. Filmic dispossession. Auto mechanical fibrillation. Episodal contingencies.

This Just In

false leads abounded today as investigators sought to recover lost destinies from the societal pyre


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