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Jonas Mekas

Jonas Mekas: I think I need to make an introduction to this conversation. We are here on the roof of a building at 32 Second Avenue. Formerly a courthouse, now it is Anthology Film Archives’ headquarters. The occasion for this conversation is our need to construct adjacent to this building—in a space that is twelve feet by one hundred feet—a library for our paper materials, of which we have a lot.

Outtakes: On Movies—The Gyllenhaals

There is Shirley MacLaine and Warren Beatty, Joan and John Cusack, Julia and Eric Roberts (who got his sis into show business in the first place). Now there’s Maggie and Jake Gyllenhall (pronounced Jill-enhall), ages 24 and 21, the newest brother/sister combo to hit town.

Dubious Honors

I don’t have one of those fathers who dispenses pellets of wisdom like Pez, but he does have one choice saying: "There’s no shame in any job, so long as you do it well."

Unknown Director, Familiar Pleasures: Jia Zhangke’s Past, Present, and Uncertain Future

The mainland Chinese director Jia Zhangke’s third film, Unknown Pleasures, has found an American distributor. This piece of news is, in its way, good news. Jia is arguably the most talented member of the group of directors known as the Sixth Generation.


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