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"it is similar to all others"

the kind of disturbance that comes up when flying
over a kind of disturbance that startled: believe it

s called "turbulence" and occurs when flying over

turb and slowed down by excess that is the kind of

f over viewed out the tiny window shuttered in plastic

as though in a giant plastic wrap when believe it oh

y believe it like finding a bottle of bleach under yr seat

disturbance that follows always the exact same pattern

except plastic does not set when stirred by an unexpected

viewing and does not conform to usual "turbulence" excess

that comes up when flying and from that from that startled

as almost incoherent it’s a kind of startled believe slow ed

jumping out of one’s seat when believe it as though in a giant

plastic pod staring out of the tiny window see that pattern

unexpected what s a what surprise like finding a bottle

each day you fly in and disturb me each day you take advant

each exemption does not set when comforted under yr

loopholes off-shore that pattern a river forms when kept frm

water held tightly within when water is kept from when a river

is kept from the ocean when a river is kept from the ocean

it forms a pattern it forms a pattern it forms a pattern similar


Marcella Durand

Marcella Durand is the author of The Prospect (Delete Press, 2020) and a recent recipient of the C.D. Wright Award in Poetry from the Foundation of Contemporary Art.


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OCT 2003

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