photo essay: Baghdad, August 2003

On the ground in Baghdad with U.S. troops or Iraqi civilians it is hard to feel optimistic about America’s latest war. These days the city is hyper-violent and chaotic; the morgue reports more than 20 corpses killed by gunfire every day. These are just a few snapshots from what will likely be a long and vexing urban guerilla war. — C.P.

Rubble of looted and bombed Ministry of Water, foreground. Well-protected Ministry of Oil, background. August 5. 2003.
Tired, hot, and stuck in a Baghdad firefight. August 7, 2003.
As yet unrepaired. August 3, 2003.
Humvee on fire, hit by an improvised explosive device. August 7, 2003.
Staff Sergeant Howell, 115ºF and on patrol. August 8, 2003.