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The Man Who Carried His Art in His Pocket

Having written about Minimal and Conceptual art over the years, I became aware, shortly after discovering the news of Fred Sandback’s recent passing, that I had never actually written about his work. There are certain artists who are highly respected and whose art has an original and persistent quality, yet who miss the critical attention they deserve.

In Conversation

Tehching Hsieh

Tehching Hsieh is a pioneer of Performance Art. He has been called a “master” by Marina Abramovic and appears in almost every book written on the subject. He did six extraordinary one-year performances.

José Antonio Hernández-Diez

Above the stairwell in the current survey of the work of Venezuelan artist José Antonio Hernández-Diez at the New Museum of Contemporary Art, is a large color photograph of a four track shoes balanced atop one another against a bamboo wall, their logos spelling out the four letter word "Hume." At first "Hume"(2000), like "Marx" (2000), which one encounters around the corner, seems like a boring one-liner.


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