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A 21st Century Union Campaign

At some jobs, employees are asked to give money to charities like the United Way and the Salvation Army. At Greg Butler’s job, the charity was the legal defense fund for indicted union executive Michael Forde.

Why I Hate the South

I was raised in Tallahassee, Florida, where the University football team the Seminoles and their apotheosized car-dealership pitching, crimson-necked coach, Bobby Bowden, was about as close to Jesus as one can get. And between games, I grew up, alternately beaten up for being a Christ killer, or getting evangelized.

Photo-Architecture: Diurnal/Nocturnal

As one would expect, an eccentric curatorial effort by Joe Masheck is an extension of his impassioned interest in modern photography and architecture. Gathered here is a good synthesis of both— a modest, but nifty exhibit of four younger photographers: Norbert Artner, Johannes Wegerbauer, Tyko Lewis, and Toki Ozaki.

Williamsburg Bridges Vietnam-Vietnam Now

Much of the effort to show works of artists from Vietnam has been rare—especially in New York—but then again the idea of big group shows never quite does justice to a single work by a good artist. Nevertheless, the show at the WAH Center in April 2003 was a worthy effort.

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