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Beyond Hope: part 2 and 3

In the dark this isn’t the same. I can’t plan out before I get to you what it will be when we meet. Is this a meeting, you sitting here and I having been sitting. It isn’t that we’re conversing, just changing seats

In Conversation

John Yau with Donald Breckenridge

John Yau has published two dozen books of poetry, fiction and criticism as well as numerous essays and articles on contemporary art. He is the editor of Black Square Editions.

Summer (Been)

Determined to leave, I had taken one of the lanes bordered with old timber-work houses which led to the banks of the river.

Celebrity Wettings, The Slider, and Scenes in the Dark

Under the broad category of sexual fetish known as watersports there exists a minor vogue for celebrity wettings. As their name suggests, such reports chronicle the event of some well-known cultural icon—usually but not always female—wetting her pants. Ideally this will have occurred recently, in the time of fame, but we’ll always settle for a recounted incident from childhood. Absurd, of course, but there it is.

Fortification Resort

Fortification Resort counts on guests to respect our specially designed bylaws, and to engage in periodic personal exile. For self-repair. Some of what we provide: nourishing food, body creams, seaside views, organ protection.

excerpt: Complete Fiction

Brushing’s not enough and the comb would pull too hard. In plunging my fingers into your hair to untangle it, I rediscover the sliding of the fresh-water plants of my adolescence: you’d part them with your hands as you swam and you’d feel them brushing along your whole body.

The Master Builder

I was alone and sad because of a recent break-up. And, I suppose, I was more than a little desperate. The woman in the apartment next door let a pretty friend from Texas stay in her apartment while she went on a weekend trip—we were introduced in the hallway at our adjacent doors.


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