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Notes on the War

Along with millions of people around the globe, I have marched repeatedly against the war. Along with many of my loved ones, I have walked through the streets of Washington, DC, San Francisco, and most recently, those of New York City. Individually, each of us is but one of the mass at such events.

Hometown Feminists Find a New Home

Every New York feminist knows that in the past few years there’s been just one place to meet like-minded women and men: Bluestockings on the Lower East Side.

Not Long Ago, Not Far Away: Argentina in the Aftermath of the New World’s Orders

The following article extends a series, published last year in the Rail, on Argentina in the throes of economic and political crisis.

Art In Conversation

John Yau with Joan Waltemath

I write fiction, poetry and essays, generally that’s what they would be called, and then I organize shows when I’m asked. I am the publisher/editor of a small press,

Matthew Barney: The Cremaster Cycle

From the moment of his first exhibits in Los Angeles and New York in 1991, Matthew Barney was catapulted into art world fame and cult status.

Books In Conversation

John Strausbaugh with Theodore Hamm

John Strausbaugh is the former editor of New York Press. His book Rock ‘Til You Drop (Verso) is now in its second edition. The following conversation took place on a Saturday afternoon in early February 2003, at Montero’s Bar and Grille.

The Art of Documentary

Documentaries can seem like the new fodder for television and film festivals. But while the category has come to encompass everything from the formulaic puffery that fills cable channels to the classics of Direct Cinema, it is more than wise to make the distinction that the majority of what is called "documentary" is not film.

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