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I have spent the last two decades making clothes, accessories, dishes, and beds for humans and pets.

excerpt: 3 to Kill

And sometimes what used to happen was what is happening now: Georges Gerfaut is driving on Paris’s outer ring road. He has entered at the Porte d’Ivry.

Without Swords

Guy Fawkes Day, a good starting point for the journal of an anarchist. “A desperate disease requires a dangerous remedy,” Fawkes said.


It is seven o’clock. Night is falling. Sometimes there is between us, when I telephone you on the other side of the world, the echo of our voices on the satellite.

Find A Penny, Pick It Up

The trail started with a penny, round and burnished, hot from sitting so long in the summer sun. Angela scooped it up and held it in her palm so tightly the copper nearly burnt her skin.


The Brooklyn Rail


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