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Imaging Her Erotics: Carolee Schneemann

September 2001, amidst 9/11 fallout, Carolee Scheming came to Buffalo, New York (where I live) as part of a visiting speaker’s series at the University of Buffalo.

Sluts, Gossip, and Girl Power

A few months ago, I totally got a blast from the past. My best friend from high school, also named Ashley, called me out of the blue.

A Scarlet Legacy

In the May issue of The Atlantic Monthly, Steve Olson writes of two genealogical researchers who claim to have found mathematical proof that everyone of European ancestry is in some way descended from both Muhammad and Charlemagne.

Of Roofs and Hoofs: IN CONVERSATION WITH Jane Schwartz

Williamsburg-based writer Jane Schwartz, whose biography Ruffian: Burning from the Start was recently reissued by Ballantine Books, sat down with the Rail’s Margot Farrington.

When the Hamptons Had Art

Most of us are aware that the Hamptons was once a thriving artists’ community long before the nouveau riche took the place over.


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