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Cusp at A.I.R Gallery, Written and directed by Ruth Sergel

Authentic and deeply affecting, this poignant tale of passage illumines the throes of burgeoning adolescence.

<i>Cusp</i>, a film by Ruth Sergel <a Mary Dowdle. Design: Steve Tozzi" />

Moms Just Want to Have Fun

Set against the underground music and avant-garde art scene in New York, Margarita Happy Hour Focuses on the lives of five disreputable women who meet in the afternoon to drink and compare notes on love, sex and motherhood.

Outtakes: On Movies: Australians and a Southerner are Pulling Hollywood Through

Rarely does a movie have everything: the right director, the right story, the right actors, editor, cinematographer, designer, composer – all the elements that make you leap to your feet in applause.

Paul Verhoeven: A Tribute

We can’t think of any other director working in the mainstream today who even comes close to Paul Verhoeven.


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