Black Rot of Crucifers and Juniper Woes

Black Rot of Crucifers

Black Rot of Crucifers, a blight brought upon the Cruciferae, this innocent race, their cross to bear. They present cross-shaped petals and leaves to ward off those who would attempt their crucifixion—crusaders out on a blind mission of destruction.

bacterial dilemma:
crux, crucis; a cross
ferre; to bear
crucible of fear
offensive crux
of rot
yellow vivisection
become brown
disease expands
eventual leaf
and central nervous system
pathogens enter
and spread
their disease

Juniper Woes

Juniper Woes, believed by the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) to be brought on by winter injury, leads to the loss of untold numbers of evergreens and shrubs. Although usually resulting from the interaction of low temperatures, frequent freeze / thaw cycles, rapid cooling and thawing rates, this is only a spur to the downward mental spiral.
Trees often recover provided new buds aren't damaged, thus causing further trauma.
Note: While many brown trees may be attributed to winter injury, be careful not to lump every brown evergreen into the winter injury group.

winter injury
working to cool your insides
crystals ice
cracking pitch
your ever present
(if possible)
old green browning
as new growth


Susan Swenson

Susan Swenson is a writer/poet living in Brooklyn. She is also editor/publisher of Pierogi Press.