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Who’s Afraid of Atom Egoyan

When I interviewed Atom Egoyan in 1999, he hesitated to tell me about Ararat, the new project he was poised to announce, which addresses the Turkish Empire’s genocide of Armenians in 1915.

Outtakes: On Movies (Isabelle Huppert)

I don’t know of a serious American actress who would take such enormous risks on screen as calmly cutting her vagina with a razor blade so her blood drips into the white bathtub; incestuously ripping away her mother’s nightgown rasping, “I see your hairs!”; or giving a blowjob to a man she imperiously commands not to touch himself to finish it off, adding, “Now you can put it away…hard.”

In Conversation

A Woman Fighting: Karyn Kusama

Karyn Kusama wrote and directed Girlfight (2000). She lives in Crown Heights, where, in early October, she spoke to Rail contributing editor, and documentary filmmaker, Williams Cole.


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