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OPINIONS: A Brief History of the Brooklyn Rail

On the occasion of the Rail's 10th full-format issue, the editor reflects.

Money for Nothing

Emily Genao attends East Side Community High School, and is a member of Youth Researchers, a group of students from seven schools investigating funding discrepancies between urban and suburban public schools across New York state.

Loss, Pop, and The Boss

After September 11th, there has been something uneasy in the relationship between the antic world of pop music and a compulsion to memorialize that now seems as much a reflex as an accumulated need.

Art vs. Hacks: A Letter from Transylvania

It is a chilly 2:00 a.m. in Manastur, a monotonous, gray neighborhood on the eastern edge of Cluj-Napoca, Romania’s fourth largest city. The cityscape is classic eastern block: ten-story tower block apartments stretching on, row upon row. At street level the walls are a chaotic mess of posters advertising everything from local concerts to language classes to Coca-Cola.

American Mengele: Human Radiation Experiments

As the carnage of the 20th century begins to fade from memory and crystallize into written history, it is instructive to note which events get forgotten. For example, you probably haven’t heard a lot about the United States government’s radiation experiments on live, uninformed, human subjects who were usually poor African-Americans.

In Conversation

HOWARD ZINN with Theodore Hamm

Brooklyn native Howard Zinn is the author of more than 20 works of American history, including A People’s History of the United States and, most recently, Terrorism and War (Seven Stories) and Emma (South End), a play about the anarchist Emma Goldman.


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