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Queens International

Looking at Queens International is a bit like taking the 7 train. The elevated line that travels from Times Square all the way to Corona Park where the Queens Museum of Art occupies the former grounds of the 1964 World’s Fair is generally crowded, colorful, and chaotic.

Elusive Boundaries

When I visited Michal Rovner at her studio on Broadway near Bleecker, she told me one of those New York cabbie stories people tend to share over drinks.

Bellwether Now

Allison Smith and Ellen Altfest, who are currently showing their work at Bellwether, offer two highly personal visions of America, one inspired by the domestic environment and one by the natural world.


Leslie Brack’s recent show of small oil paintings of collages, entitled Art in America, depicts an idiosyncratic array of images (a Led Zeppelin album cover, a postcard of Miami at sunset, a Gerhard Richter painting) that serve as grounds over which figures, both animal and celebrity, or text, cut and pasted, ransom-note style, are overlaid.


The Brooklyn Rail


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