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Market Failure? The Human Rights Watch Film Festival Tells the Truth

We are often led to believe that the American public is generally uninterested in the outside world or challenging social and political topics, and that the content of our mainstream media simple reflects that apathy.

Didn’t We All Leave You, San Francisco?

The vast domed hall of the old Armory in San Francisco’s Mission District, which sat empty, rotting for the last several decades, comes to life with martini-swilling dot-commers and real estate developers dressed in army fatigues partying out.

Outtakes: On Movies

Minority Report and The Fast Runner

Cinema au Naturel

When summer movies attack, New York City is cinematic sanctuary; art houses provide respite from the likes of Scooby Doo, Vin Diesel, and Ashley Judd.

Hot Summer Beach Movies

Ah, summertime! The aroma of Palmer’s cocoa butter in the air, everybody wearing less clothes, and having beers in the afternoon. And the beach! Now don’t get us wrong—we ain’t interested in Muscle Beach or Frankie & Annette-type beach movies. We’re simply choosing films that have key scenes at or near a beach, and that just have that intangible Summer feeling to them. Get hot!


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