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Idea for a Poem

King to the white sign with Julie, chasing chimeras. (idea for a poem) Drunk conversations; blue aging faces. (idea for a poem) Manipulate this series. (idea for a poem) A closed set of circumstances. (idea for a poem) Language poetry said it brought you into the writing. (idea for a poem) 6 am skies over Bard college; mist; inappropriate gestures; touching. (idea for a poem) All your bad poems, in Keds, coming to haunt you. (idea for a poem) Mere rhythm—dissent! (idea for a poem) Cutting the paper in half. (idea for a poem) There is the object of your admiration. (idea for a poem) As if seeing is admiration. (idea for a poem) The unreachable goals of the Cavalier poets; shadow figures in the death of imagination. (idea for a poem) Perfume on a stick. (idea for a poem) The misspellings in a perfect-bound book. (idea for a poem) Last as long as the others-try to survive. (idea for a poem) Eno soundtrack over atrocities of war. (idea for a poem) The disjunct adjunct: ESL engendering [engineering] a new breed (idea for a poem) Julie still walking toward the signs; 6 am skies over college; same mist; same glue. (idea for a poem) We tell the stories that avert embarrassment. (idea for a poem) 100+ days of Bush and still breathing. (idea for a poem) Still smoking. (idea for a poem) We’ll remember him. (idea for a poem) The 1995 poetry conference in New York where you met everyone important to you. (idea for a poem) 6 years later, you are no longer speaking to any of them. (idea for a poem) They were incomplete, those poems, mere scratches against the slate (dada), compared to now, in which they are marble blocks (neo-dada). (idea for a poem) So: baby yourself with a fine carpet, toes, coffee, cigarettes, and write. (idea for a poem) Humor should not be docile; reference should not be oblique. (idea for a poem) Dehydration produces weird moiré patterns in the retina, disco drone rhythms in the ears. (idea for a poem) The interesting “dog among dogs” disposition: WCW philosophy of floundering. (idea for a poem) Or Bill Luoma’s “lazy philosophy.” (idea for a poem) Other sorts of tricks to avoid disaffection—in a time without clocks! (idea for a poem) She said, We need more narrative contents, and less academic brewing. (idea for a poem) Wandering—an old urbanism—renting—what we are left with now. (idea for a poem) Computer not sure where to put the hyphen. (idea for a poem) The radio is silent; so are we. (idea for a poem) Julie’s head is on her arm; her fingers brush the surface of the sea. (idea for a poem) A renewed faith in the powers of chance; why I think small press circulation is not as interesting as the web. (idea for a poem) This page is meeting our goals. (idea for a poem) One of these lines will survive; the statistics suggest it. (idea for a poem) Titles for prog rock albums: medieval sounding syllables, animals. (idea for a poem) Trying to avoid self-consciousness, as in this poem. (idea for a poem) Pale imitations of Darren-Wershler Henry and/or rubber socks for every sort of missile. (idea for a poem) Having lost the


Brian Kim Stefans

BRIAN KIM STEFANS is author of the poetry collections Free Space Comix, Gulf, and Angry Penguins, as well as of Fashionable Noise: On Digital Poetics. He has been an active presence on the internet for several years editing /Ubu editions and, a site devoted to new media poetry and poetics, and creating works such as the acclaimed Flash poem "The Dreamlife of Letters." He is an active critic, publishing frequently in the Boston Review, Jacket, and other publications.


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