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Two Poems

Your sinews rotate until they are numbers.


I keep the shard scent of vanilla like something that Restores itself inside my heart.

Pre-Capitalist Duende Outbounds Archie: Dependendant Kontent?

“I the devil what would more design trans-death, than trans-life”

Idea for a Poem

em>(idea for a poem) The misspellings in a perfect-bound book.

A Ruby Tattoo

At midnight Peter helps the men carry the equipment from the taxi into the kitchen: processor, printer, speakers, accessories. Richard says in perfect Spanish: “Haremos cinco veces mos de lo que hacemos.” The monitor he sets on the table is a giant sleeping eye without an eyelid.

System Failure (I could have been a contender mix)

How big is too big to get pushed around the store In a shopping cart? In any case, it means less space For other items. Pausing before a shelf full of badass.

Another Example

I think it would be extremely pleasant and even comforting if I could find a new or at least different way to fuck up my life. If only I could delude myself for a few minutes more than usual, if only I could have a few minutes when I believe that what I am doing will turn out okay. It never does.

Excerpt: “About”

It has long been known that poets don’t know what they’re saying. They saying one thing then they say the opposite.

Birthday Party

Harpy bathed for the party, washing her hips in long, narrow ovals. As she moved the sponge in a circle across her belly, she was struck by an image of Arnold de la Rosa.


p>Now, I live in a city and things are never quiet. Even if there is a moment with no car alarms or sirens or voices, there is still noise – the swooshing sound of a car driving past, the ca-chung of the upstairs neighbor flushing the toilet, radios, televisions, steps – just the sounds of humans living close by.

Excerpt from: Hunting the Last Wild Man

Chapter Three “Oh, God, oh God!” My grandmother is chewing cautiously; she always looks as if she were trying to eat very carefully just in case she should find any foreign bodies in her food; in fact, it’s because her false teeth aren’t of quite the same high quality as Aunt Mary’s

Bladder Buster

In order for everything to run on schedule, it was important for me to be numbed seconds before the surgeon arrived.

Tea Time in the Toshiro Mifune Café

“I’m full of rage,” Hiro said sadly, sipping his iced mocha. “That’s appropriate,” I replied, “you are a samurai.”

The Farce

I had come to an understanding of sorts with life. All things seemed settled for the foreseeable future.


She is perspiring. It is 101° F outside. Her skin is wet and annoyingly sticky.


When I accidentally ended up in B2 I regretted it for years and years. Little did I know, B2 is the level underneath the basement. It’s the basement’s basement.

My Portrait

“Come over, I’ll make you some spaghetti.” I had no money when I got back from Mexico.


Once, in a thoughtful moment, he told her why he had married her: “Because I knew you’d make a good mother.” There was no mention of love, but it didn’t matter anymore. After nine years, she wondered only how much more she could take.


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