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Marlene Dumas: Name No Names

The drawings in the current retrospective of works on paper by the Amsterdam-based, white South African artist Marlene Dumas offer a fine example of art as a translation of the personal into a strong visual language of the familiar and the ordinary.

The Paris/Brooklyn Exchange

The Paris/Brooklyn Exchange involves 18 galleries and extends over a two month period with nine galleries participating in each country.

Architecture for One

Five Myles, located just a few blocks from the Brooklyn Museum, on the “other side of the tracks,” is not just a gallery, but welcomes its neighbors and youth to experience and participate in art.

Ellen Gallagher

Alternately rough, raw, heated, and cool, Ellen Gallagher’s show Preserve underscores the discrepancies between modernism’s search for a utopian order and history’s stinging remnants.

Roni Horn

Blah, blah, blah, blah, moon, Blah, blah blah, above; Blah blah, blah, blah, croon, Blah, blah, blah, blah, love, is part two of Roni Horn’s solo show at the Dia Center.

Karen Kilimnik

Karen Kilimnik has been painting for a number of years now in the dialectical area between romanticism and irony, a tenuous relationship of interest to an increasing number of artists.


Rendez-Vous is one part of the ambitious, multi-venue program now underway throughout Williamsburg and DUMBO, entitled Paris in Brooklyn, Brooklyn à Paris.

I’m With Nature

Brooklyn Front presents an alluring array of paintings by Paul Brainard and Ryan Steadman, ranging from the uncanny to the goofy to the aggressively blank.

Nicholas Baker-Maffei

Couched in the artist’s pleasure, Baker-Maffei’s eight paintings, spanning from 2000 to the present, are testaments to the creator’s mood—whether sexual, intellectual, or technical.

This Conversation May Be Recorded for Training Purposes

The Boyd Cycle is a military strategy developed by Col. John Boyd in an effort to explain the success of U.S. fighter pilots in the Korean War, despite their having inferior planes.

Portraying Gorky at Gagosian

Larry Gagosian’s fixation on Gorky is not surprising considering the cultural and personality traits the two figures share.

Loren Munk

Loren Munk is a painter who for quite some time has been engaged in a dialogue between the formal language of synthetic cubism and casual imagery derived from popular culture.


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