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It is by now commonplace to say that the city has a “new C.E.O.” Hardly a day has passed during Michael Bloomberg’s fist two months in office without the introduction of some sort of new “efficiency” or “downsizing” initiative, cloaked in management-speak, and presented by one or another nicely-suited new city officials. 

Letter from Buenos Aires, part 3: Now & Then: Argentina chokes on neoliberal economics

December’s violence in Argentina got airplay worldwide: a concentrated social convulsion that brought about the government’s collapse.

Art In Conversation

In Conversation with Robert C. Morgan

It seems to me that we are in an era now where it is not enough to be from Zimbabwe, Nigeria, or Indonesia or Mongolia, but you have to somehow take what that culture is about, and your own experiences within that culture, and to make it palatable on the level of a kind of global system of exchange.

Art In Conversation

In Conversation with Robert Storr

Daniel Baird (Rail): One of the things that most surprised me about the Richter retrospective is its continuity  and coherence, especially given the diversity of Richter’s practice.

Notes on Albert Pinkham Ryder

Introduction A curator of a small university museum I met through an exhibit I curated two years ago in Greenpoint Brooklyn, Homage to Albert Pinkham Ryder, spoke often of expanding the project to greater significance.

A Matter of Conscience

It is impossible to learn overnight what one has spent a lifetime in ignorance of, and so it was perhaps not shocking to see demonstrators at a recent protest against the military action in Afghanistan hoisting placards reading U.S. OUT OF THE MIDDLE EAST, apparently unaware that Afghanistan is in fact in Central Asia.

Moms Just Want to Have Fun

Set against the underground music and avant-garde art scene in New York, Margarita Happy Hour Focuses on the lives of five disreputable women who meet in the afternoon to drink and compare notes on love, sex and motherhood.

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All Aboard!

Don’t blink. You may have missed another Rail event. Our most dazzling art show, “Made in Brooklyn: Selection 1,” curated by our publisher, Phong Bui, just closed in early March.


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