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Brute Realism: Leon Golub at the Brooklyn Museum of Art
May 13 – August 24, 2001

In the center of Leon Golub’s searing 1982 painting, Interrogation III, is a woman with her eyes and mouth taped shut.

In Conversation

LEON GOLUB with Chris Martin

It’s all over the place, struggles for survival, struggles for dominance. It’s a power game, not just evil itself, it’s about control, irrationality, anxiety, and so on. In a hierarchy, or some form of governing body, it’s about how to maintain control over their far-flung interests, the prevailing power and who would have the most at stake in what’s going on.

The Margins of William Blake

When Swedenborgianism entered England, it found a comforting shelter within the family headed by one James Blake, a rather less than conventional shopkeeper.

Travelling at the Speed of Night: 65 mph

“Roads…can no longer be identified solely with movement from one place to another.


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