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CROSS-POLLINATION at The Holland Tunnel

Together with Susan Joyce of Los Angeles, Williamsburg’s Mery Lynn McCorkle, a sometime gardener in more fertile environs, conceived of Cross Pollination after a discussion of flora indigenous to each coast.

DAVID KAPP at Beitzel Gallery

SoHo was like an old friend on the balmy, springlike evening of David Kapp’s opening. Kapp held court at Beitzel in a bright true blue shirt over a lively crowd of onlookers who could have been walking down his esplanades, or passing under the streetlamps in his paintings.

Different Strokes at Im N Il

Benicia Gantner, Seth Kaufman, Dean Smith, Elizabeth Simonian, Carolee Toon, Carrie Ungerman, Andre Yi. Curated by Susan Joyce


The work of Frank Stout has an unusual paradox: the painterly eloquence, which seems to evoke a deceptive ease in depicting modes of appearances, is betrayed by a compulsive need to iterate expressionistic gestures throughout the picture planes.

JACK POSPISIL at Studio Facchetti

By wryly inverting symbols of decay and fertility, Jack Pospisil imbues his considerable oeuvre with oxymorons.

JOE AMRHEIN at Roebling Hall

“…a condition of reinterpreting the misinterpreted….tightly choreographed visions of randomness….an exaggerated rhetorical tone bordering on hyperbole…a mad cow in a glass language menagerie…”

Lee Etheredge IV at Pierogi 2000

Lee Etheredge’s New York solo debut is divided between small and large pieces that at their best create a sort of typographical topography.


Meredith Allen employs depth of field comparable to Da Vinci’s atmospheric perspective in his portrait of the Mona Lisa. The dreamy backgrounds are instead the beautiful beach vistas of Eastern Long Island.

MILTON RESNICK at Robert Miller Gallery

Milton Resnick’s paintings support his idea that the “canvas needs to be stronger than you” by providing an experience where historic and the organic intersect.

TAMARA GONZALES at Cheryl Pelavin Gallery

In her first installation, titled Pama III, Tamara Gonzales gathers together a cross section of feast rituals given to those who have “dropped the body.”


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