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Carolyn Kizer

Readers will be pleased at the sheer size of Kizer’s Cool, Calm, and Collected Poems. After all, we are accustomed to equate care with parsimony. At 400 pages, it will appear that parsimony was not her vice, while care has ever been a virtue.

Pencil Sketch of Self & Other

When you kissed me it was as if some one had just stepped lightly out of the room.

Love Poem No. 9

I have stolen the heart out of your chest. It beat on my bed for days, where I let it run itself out. It wasn’t red, but brown, turning deeper so as it lay and rot.

February Ghazals

Shoving my shoulder against a door that says PULL; on my way out I’ll remember to try pulling.


Truth was borne, in chaos agonized. Its cries assaulted the unsupervised.

Touching The Rock

For John Hull


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