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Barge-ing Into Brooklyn

South Williamsburg will soon become home to a 79.9 megawatt power plant courtesy of NYC Energy (NYCE), with stacks lower then some of the surrounding buildings, set on a barge to be located on the west side of Wallabout Channel.

Diary of a Mad New Day

Look, the weather’s nice, a beautiful, hard, gray sky. You’d almost like to pound a nail in up there and hang yourself on it. Georg Buchner, Woyzeck

Buddhism in Havana

Cuba’s revolution is slowly dissolving, like rain-soaked plaster into a mud-soaked puddle of Ché and sex, rations and Rum, Marxism and Santería, Soviet-style minds and Tropi-Cola enterprises.

Galapagos Now

If I was asked to give advice to someone about to undertake a long journey, my answer would totally depend on that traveller’s liking for one science or another, and on the advantages that he found for his own studies.

In Mayan Guatemala: A Walk Among the Ruins

The plaza in which the Temple of Inscriptions stands is bounded, at the edge of the surrounding forest, by a partially excavated wall. At the base of the pyramid’s great mound stand an upright stele and a round, table-like altar, on which is carved the figure of a bound captive.

San Pedro De Atacama: An Oasis in the Driest Desert in the World

For the majority of the people living in Latin America, San Pedro de Atacama doesn’t exist at all, not even on a map.

Losing Heart

Lately, it has become an obsession in my family to figure out what is wrong with my father. There are long uncomfortable talks about what can be done.

Progress Report

In July 2000, the Concorde in Paris was tragically brought down by nothing more extraordinary than pieces of its own tire sucked into its engine.


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